PalC Networks: Identifying Threats through Network Analytics Platform

CIO Vendor Networks are at the center of today’s world. Therefore, understanding how a network is performing is critical for successful business operations. Now in pursuit of serving customers more effectively and looking for every possible competitive edge, network operators are utilizing analytics to gain a deeper understanding of the network. As a result, they are able to make smarter, data driven decisions about their operations that help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

However, the current network analytics platforms are capable of handling only the peripheral security issues which is not enough as most of the cyber-attacks are not due to the external threats rather are from the internal applications that are run within the data centers. Therefore, PalC Networks, a Bangalore based company working with one of the startups in the US, has built a complete network analytics platform to solve this issue by including the zero trust security models. Most companies use specific type of software that collects data from these applications running internally, inside the server along with all the data traffic that is flowing across the network. When this information is collected, it can be used for identifying a kind of regular traffic pattern.

From zero trust model, one can create white list and blacklist rules, using which one can apply policies across networks, while creating an application dependency matrix. This is used as a standardized model to ensure that any other traffic flow that deviates from this model is classified as anomaly, which helps in the threat identification of the applications running inside the data center.

The company offers network and cloud development services that include SDN, NFV, WhiteBox Networking, DevOPS and Cloud App development.
WhiteBox Networking
PalC Networks is working with few of their customers to build Network Operating System (NOS) for Open Compute based WhiteBox switches in Data Center and Service providers markets. PalC Networks is currently working with one of its clients in providing a data center inter connect solution that can connect data centers using Coherent Optics DWDM optical interface.

The company offers network and cloud development services that include SDN, NFV, WhiteBox Networking, DevOPS and Cloud App development

Auto - Scale Work Load Solution
Although public cloud has been around longer, the adoption of private cloud is on the constant rise. PalC Networks has expertise in building private cloud infrastructure with OpenStack and hybrid cloud infrastructure between OpenStack and AWS. The company’s first product was built to provide an auto-scale work load solution between the private and public cloud using TOSCA.

“We have expertise in the data centre space and operate in two different areas,” begins Kingston Smiler, Co-Founder, PalC Networks. “Firstly, we look at how the data centre network works, what kind of network overlays are implemented and how this networking infrastructure is working closely with the cloud orchestration platform such as Open Stack or VMware,” he adds. Secondly, the company offers solutions to its enterprise customers who want to have on-prem cloud and face difficulties in running the entire workloads that are run on spark, Hadoop or any other database cluster, as it may run out of resources.

PalC is working with its customers for OpenCord deployment and has trained more than 350 engineers in the area of SDN and NFV with real use case deployments throughout the world.