Epitome: Designing and Deploying Networking Solutions with Simple Technology Integrations

CIO Vendor The growing investment in data centers, adoption of cloud platform for both SaaS and PaaS, connected devices and mobile workforces are making enterprise networks more complex than ever, further straining security teams in protecting data and managing network traffic. There has been a massive explosion in data being generated by connected internet users in India which has created a need for efficient network security, proactive network maintenance, and enhanced quality of service. Therefore, enterprises are looking for innovative network security solutions to meet these needs. Even network component manufacturers are increasingly depending on the partner community or system integrators to design and deploy those solutions which effectively befit the business requirements.

With over a decade of experience, coupled with its role of engagement with the Enterprise Network component manufacturers, Epitome as a technology integration organisation offers a bouquet of solutions that span across Network Infrastructure, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Wireless, Surveillance Solutions with Analytics, Unified communication, Solutions involving people security and inventory management and more.

Leveraging SD-WAN in Reducing Operational Costs of the Businesses
Addressing the current and projected requirements in terms of bandwidth, scalability, and performance, Epitome intelligent WAN provides better features and performance to overcome the challenges regarding current Hybrid WAN scenario. They also conduct pre-project study to aid businesses with future strategies. Therefore, the advent of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) has enabled Epitome to further leverage this optimisation to the businesses by applying range of techniques - protocol acceleration, de-duplication, compression, reduced latency and caching to dramatically increase the amount of available bandwidth, thereby reducing operational costs of the businesses.
“Epitome follows industry defined standards of three tier architecture in switching, which considers a fully redundant virtual switching topology. Our designs strive to achieve a highly reliable network with alltime availability. A lot of effort goes into calculating the parameters of mean time between failures and repair to achieve this reliability,” says Bala Subramanyam, Director.

Our designs strive to achieve a highly reliable network with all-time availability. A lot of effort goes into calculating the parameters of mean time between failures and repair to achieve this reliability

Hosted Video Solution as a Service
Threat assessment, optimal coverage, and camera design based on environmental factors and object of coverage are some critical infrastructure needs. Epitome designs and deploys cloud-based hosted video solution as a service which caters to mid/large businesses, with a subscription-based surveillance service - inclusive of system upgrades with new features, applications, and services to support one’s business with minimal investment as a CAPEX. Further, Epitome also offers specific solutions which protect highly confidential data from hackers and ransom wares.

“Epitome’s focus is on technology solutions that support delivery in Industry 4.0, Education 4.0 and IoT based requirements with every customised design offering going through a multi validation process, and reducing any margins for error. We are currently working on specific offerings in the Machine learning and Augmented Reality space. A few of these offerings are in the testing stage and we will be market ready by early 2020,” concludes Subramanyam.