Aryaka Networks, Inc: Delivering Fully-Managed SD-WAN

CIO Vendor The enterprise networking space has been witnessing significant upsurge in connected devices, which is generating need for a secure and real-time management through a robust network solution. As enterprise networks are considered to be the most crucial factor in improving communications and data management, enterprises are rapidly embracing network management solutions to ensure network security and management. The ongoing shift towards converged network architecture and the adoption of network virtualization technology (which enables businesses to improve network efficiency and reduce operational costs) have driven the growth of enterprise networking market. “In contrast with the MPLS services which were traditionally used by the enterprises, SD-WAN brings unprecedented agility and cost savings to networking, delivering more responsive, with predictable applications at lower cost in less time,” says Jig Ruparel, Principal Strategic Architect, Aryaka.

Providing all the benefits of SD-WAN, Aryaka have been delivering fully-managed SD-WAN and has the ability to leverage Hybrid WAN, Hybrid Cloud and SD-WAN, enabling a one tap service for the businesses. Enabling deployment within days, it provides swift cloud connectivity with accelerated remote/mobile access, guaranteeing network uptime.

Aryaka provides in depth visibility, end-to-end support and managed Services 24/7 round the year with an NPS score of 65 plus. “Aryaka’s simple solution design draws complexity out of the equation with simple, predictable and guaranteed application performance with patented optimization techniques, ensuring cost containment and increased productivity,” highlights Umesh Malhotra, Sr. Director & Head of Global Demand Generation, Aryaka.

Delivering a Secure and Reliable Enterprise Network
Taking into consideration, the importance of Security, Multi-Tenancy and Managed Services while formulating its founding principles, Aryaka currently has more than 8000 sites connected to their network with over 800 customers across 65 countries. Moreover, having IPSec at both the edge and the core - as per customer bases, delivers a network that is more secure than having just MPLS labels on the packets traversing the globe.
“Customers can consume the network in any which way they want - they can use their Internet and site-to-site VPNs, regional and global connectivity over Aryaka’s Network, or use hybrid of all, which can be managed by Aryaka's support and delivered on customer’s intent,” adds Jig.

Connecting and Accelerating Network Applications Globally
Aryaka has been playing a significant role in catering to Enterprise Networking segment with its range of products which ensure deployment within days, network/application visibility and much more; SmartCONNECT - enables branch connectivity and fully manages network, and accelerates both On-Premises and SaaS/Web Applications globally; SmartCDN - Provides End-to-End Network and Application Visibility, delivering Centrally Hosted IP-based Applications globally which improves performance significantly for all kinds of application traffic and ensures up to 100 per cent Uptime; SmartACCESS - Aryaka’s SmartACCESS facilitates software-defined remote access, significantly enhancing both on-premises and cloud/ SaaS application performance for the remote and mobile workforce without requiring additional hardware or software clients.

Aryaka’s simple solution design draws complexity out of the equation with simple, predictable and guaranteed application performance

"We have also built alliances with RADWARE, Palo Alto Networks, ZScaler, and Symantec for DDoS Protection and Cloud Security. Our strategic POP Placements further allow us to be in single-digit milliseconds with most of the SaaS and IaaS providers out there,” concludes Jig.