SEC Communications - Leveraging Technology Collaborations to Build Networks that Deliver

CIO Vendor The current Networking segment is not just defined by rapidly changing technology but proliferation of applications riding on the network. More and more organizations look to improve their productivity by leveraging the combined power of collaboration and networking. SEC Communications with a pan-India presence carries this trend forward by serving as a Systems Integration partner for major brands across the country. SEC Communications combines these relationships with their customer-centric approach and technical depth to provide solutions that address customers’ network requirements.

Founded in 1997, SEC Communications has been involved in developing network architecture, design and implementation services as well as a wide range of communications solutions. The company also serves as the sole distributor for EdgeCore Networks in India for the entire range of EdgeCore Networking products, which include wired and wireless networking products and solutions for data centers, service providers, enterprises and SMB customers. “SEC Communications holds the DGS & D rate contract for networking devices and video conferencing solutions, which has enabled us to service numerous Government sector customers quickly without the usual cumbersome procurement processes,” explains Janaki Krishnamoorthy, Founder & CEO.

Focusing on Network Scalability and Sustainability
With rapidly evolving network architectures, enterprises are in need of solutions that are low cost, dynamically configurable, scalable and up-to-date. SEC Communications understands this need of enterprise customers and thus designs optimal solutions that can meet the customer’s specific needs. To achieve this, the company carries out a baseline assessment of the enterprise’s existing architecture to ensure that the solutions are easily plugged in without any interoperability issues.
SEC Communications also provides digital surveillance solutions and an integrated command center to meet the increasing security needs of enterprises in their campuses. Apart from digital surveillance, the Security command center also integrates other information from employee access cards etc., thus providing complete visibility and traceability to security incidents. Interestingly, SEC Communications introduced video-conferencing solutions in India and were sole partners for Tandberg which was later acquired by Cisco globally. Today, SEC Communications offers a wide variety of video conferencing platforms – on premise and cloud based, to help enterprises expand their utilization of this technology into their mobile workforce. These solutions offer customers the flexibility of integrating their current infrastructure and extending it to their mobile staff in distributed environments. SEC Communications also provides industry specific solutions such as tele-medicine for healthcare, tele-education, remote banking etc. These solutions are enterprise-grade and assure security and information privacy while also being cost effective. “We put the customer first. Our technical depth and close partnerships with all leading OEMs ensures we can provide exactly what the customer needs,” says Janaki. This is borne by their 100 percent referenceable customer base which is an impressive record over 20 years.

SEC Communications has been involved in developing network architecture, design and implementation services as well as a wide range of communications solutions

Having pioneered networking solutions, video conferencing and digital CCTV surveillance in India over the last 2 decades, SEC Communications intends to continue partnering with high quality, leading edge, cost-effective partners to further innovation. With the Government now evolving their buying systems, SEC Communications also intends to work closely with the government agencies and OEMs to help establish a successful presence in the Government Marketplace in the upcoming future.