Innobox Systems - Enabling High Speed Connectivity across Enterprise Wireless Environments

CIO Vendor Digital technology is in the midst of a revolution with the accelerated growth of cloud computing, big data and mega-scale data centers. One such segment is the wireless LAN industry which has seen considerable progress in recent times and is forecasted to grow up to 91 percent by 2018. As technologies converge and make way for more mobile opportunities, enterprises are in need of next generation wireless services that can narrow the performance gap between the divergent wired and wireless environments. Perceiving these requisites, Hyderabad headquartered Innobox Systems has been directing efforts towards bringing secure and agile networking solutions across the wireless environments of business organisations.

Founded by a group of professionals with years of experience in product and application development, the company has been involved in the research, design and development of techniques for wireless networking, computer vision, mobile, digital media, cloud computing, open-source software, embedded systems and entertainment products. Leveraging the expertise of a team of technocrats, Innobox has been catering to the wireless segment with extensive focus on wireless requirements in the consumer electronics space. “From Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth and wire¬less hotspots to portable home gateways and IoT devices, Innobox has been developing solutions for both short range and long range wire¬less technologies for the last 7 years,” explains Murali Kakarla, Founder & CEO, Innobox Systems.

Optimizing Network Speed and Security
With an objective to provide enterprises with networks that support modern business solutions, Innobox’s wireless solution suite incorporates functionalities such as Secure Connectivity, Remote storage and Management, and Tuning of Streaming Media, which meet 802.xx specifications.
Furthermore, these solutions are also designed to assist companies in handling large volumes of data. In order to facilitate seamless movement of data between the enterprise and the node, Innobox’s solutions provide optimized speed with respect to both 4G and Wi-fi networks, as well as a higher throughput and performance, to enable high speed inter-connectivity between the data centers and the end nodes. The Innobox team has also worked on acceleration and optimizations at every layer in the network stack for both wired and wireless communication, AVOD systems, Virus and Spam filtering, Pro¬visioning and Management and Traffic Shaping and Management.

Since security is also a pressing concern across the IT environments of large scale enterprises, Innobox recognises that security features are paramount to designing a robust solution. The company has thus designed a security architecture that supports private and public key encryption methods to secure the in-built software carried by the company’s devices.

Innobox Systems has been directing efforts towards bringing secure and agile networking solutions across the wireless environments of business organisations

Having built a dominant presence in the wireless space, the company in¬tends to build solutions around new-age wireless technologies such as 5G networks, Wi-Fi hotspots and home secure gateways. Innobox also hopes to invest in Automation Testing and the Cloud to enhance their Cloud solution capabilities. With diverse ventures under their wing, Innobox Systems hopes to forge partnerships to further devise solutions that will implement emerging methodologies and meet the ever increasing demands of the wireless industry.