SOFTEL SOLUTIONS:Holistic Approach to Information Security with Robust Enterprise Network System Integrator

CIO Vendor Today, the business world is being driven by advancing technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, growth of social networking, Smart City and Digital India which generates mammoth-sized data. In a bid to not be left behind with legacy systems and conventional processes, businesses have begun outsourcing their data/infrastructure from onsite to the cloud; making them susceptible and vulnerable to highly functioning cyber-attacks. Information Systems' security is one of the biggest challenges facing society’s technological age as data grows. “Businesses want to ensure that their infrastructure/ data is in right hands by getting vulnerability assessment/penetration testing exercise of the service provider for personal assurance and regulatory compliance using different security tools and techniques,” explains Davinder Kaur, Director, Softel Solutions.

Coming to the fore and performing as an enterprise network system integrator is Softel Solutions, headquartered in Delhi, which deals primarily in designing and implementation of Data/Voice/Video Converged networks. “We have a tool which has realtime threat intelligence which automatically collects, analyzes, correlates and presents enriched threat data across a variety of categories that could impact business,” reveals Davinder.

Softel Solutions began its journey in 2004 under the guidance of Pushpendra Juneja, the founder of the company with deep industry-rich experience, with the vision of being an Enterprise Network System Integration company. Over the years, Softel has grown as an Information technology, consulting and outsourcing company serving various clients across globe. With the zeal to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, the company has built itself as a Solution provider and Information Security systems integrator where the team is ceaselessly working at facilitating clients with its endto-end solution which consists of LAN, WAN, Security and compliance.The company proudly informs us that it is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified in the field of design and installation of Informatics network and Network systems.
Recently, Softel Solutions acquired CMMI level 5 compliance post achieving CMM level 3. Under System Network Integration Services provided by Softel, belongs an expansive portfolio of services such as application and enterprise system integration, business continuity planning, DR services, enterprise management, network integration, security infrastructure and platform integration.

“We have a tool which has real-time threat intelligence which automatically collects, analyzes, correlates and presents enriched threat data across a variety of categories that could impact business”

With a high success rate, Pushpendra shares with us the five step principals to Security Strategy that are must to follow before the planning process. The team begins with sitting with the key stakeholders and determining the competitive advantage. They then go on to defining the security Service Catalogue. The last three steps to complete the process are setting key resource assumptions, identifying the residual risk of missing components and finally designing and sharing outcomebased metrics. “We are vendor neutral while providing solutions to enterprises. Our strategy is to understand customer infrastructure and security requirement before pitching any solution. Before designing any solution, we analyze the customer Infrastructure and Vulnerability through tool and based on that we suggest a solution,” says Pushpendra Juneja, Founder & Director.

Dedicated to furnish its large client-base with best-inclass service, Softel, in Partnership with VMware proffers virtualization services and integrates the customer’s private cloud with public cloud. In conjunction with this, venturing further into the market, the company has tied up with leading equipment manufacturers like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Dell, Mcafee, Luciad, Juniper, Radware, Checkpoint, Sophos, Sonicwall, and Symantec to position right integrated solution mix at customer premises.
Bringing an extensive list of offerings onto the table, the team has now begun working on some of the defence landscape projects/government datacenter projects around networks and information security and plans to launch it in the near future.